....the euphoria...

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I wasn't much tickled by all the drama surrounding the arrival of the most powerful guy on earth,but hey as the clock ticks,I'm now feeling overjoyed and elated. Kweli happiness is shared in the environment and is addictive. The euphoria has gripped me. Go Kenya Go KENYA......AM PROUD OF YOU KENYA


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Morning talkers,

Its quite a milestone that a sitting U.S president came to Kenya in my life time. But still I have this nagging feeling that He is here to further the interests of the American people. Probably a new venture to return the old order of things. 11698524_10153104686267901_4362146717567411949_n.jpg 11659414_10153104686387901_6196961983999838887_n.jpg


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Don't stress your brain so much. Better Future is God's grace.
Maybe Americans will show you how to fish, next year we invade south Africans to get gold.


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The people popping champagne are politicians who were implicated in corruption cases coz no one cares about them anymore.
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