The following happened between 2100hrs and 2230hrs


Village Elder
While shopping at the CARRE FOUR SUPERMARKET,, THE HUB SHOPPING MALL KAREN this evening I noticed a gentleman in his early to mid 40's I am guessing that. He kept appearing near me in the store and repeatedly walking by me in all different departments, Kids clothes, clearance aisle, walked past the ice cream aisle, grabbing beer at the exact time I was getting a bottle of wine.
When I went to checkout he suddenly appeared at the self checkout next to me to pay his beer. He then followed me out of the store. I got to my car and locked my doors and watched him get into a black Toyota type vehicle (maybe a harrier I'm not good with cars) across the row and a few spots down. I watched him start backing out of his space and then responded to a text message thinking I was just being paranoid.
When I went to pull out I saw his car waiting behind me with his lights off. He had to actually have pulled out making like a full c shape to specifically go the same direction as me and then waited. I started down the lot and he followed still not turning his lights on until we both left the parking lot. He followed me down towards Ngong after round about where he proceeded to pull in one entrance, loop around the bumps and pull out the other continuing the same direction toward Ngong road............the car kept following me.... I didn't know what to do... ......