The General's Daughter


Village Elder
It was on a Saturday afternoon. I was heading home in a matatu. Seated next to me was a pretty lady. Dark skin. Mid sized. White teeth. Innocent looking. I engaged in small talk and soon we were speaking like old friends. She told me she was heading to see her boyfriend. I also surmised that she was partially Ugandan. We exchanged contacts and I later alighted before her. Her name was p****

I walked to my destination and did not hear her call. I would later see a missed call from her. I called back and invited her to visit me in campus the following week.

On Tuesday afternoon she called and I picked her and we headed to my room. I had exiled my roommates that afternoon. We had some soda as we engaged in small talk. I then moved closer to her and whispered sweet nothings. We undressed and her matching red panty and bra really excited me.

We then made love passionately. I would later escort her to the stage. She promised to come again.

After a few days she came again and we again made love.

One day as I was heading to class a strange number called. I picked. "Can you leave p**** alone or you will see pepper young man. I have warned you" . The accent was Ugandan. I paid no heed and walked to class. The ladies number was off for a while but towards the end of the week she flashed me. I told her about the call and she told me her father and her boyfriend were taking her phone and had really tormented her for seeing me.

She reaffirmed her love for me and promised to visit. She once again came and we had a good time. She told me the whole story and said she cannot be forced to love someone. I escorted her and she assured me that nothing would happen to me.

Later the same man with a Ugandan accent called and threatened me further. I was shaken but said he could not find me.

One day as I was passing by a certain church near the University Hosyels,I met a watchman who I knew. We engaged in small talk and he told me that he hads severally seen me with the lady passing near the Church. I confirmed his statement. He then told me that she lived in flats opposite the Church which he pointed. He then tolde that her father worked in the Ugandan Embassy and their Coffee marketing board. He was a serving General in the UPDF.

I asked him to tell me more even as I froze as I realized that my hunter was living near me and was a military man. I thanked the watchman and left.

The lady called once more but needed a favour which I was unable to help with. Her line would soon be mteja permanently.

I think God saved me from being maimed by a general from the land of Ssabalwanyi Yoweri the son of Kaguta. Some of the people we may look down upon can be of great help. I later gave the watchman a good tip and would often consult him. He had saved my life. images (2).jpg images (3).jpg

Amakweli akumilikae mchana,usiku atakuchoma
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