The great deception that is the prosperity gospel

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karl marx

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Kenyans, in their maddening quest for wealth, have resorted to twisting biblical verses to justify their ghastly obsession with wealth. So you’ve got these pastors peddling this fraudulent version of the gospel christened the prosperity gospel. Apparently, all you’ve got to do is to tithe and in no time you will be driving that Range Rover. These pastors-who I must concede are gifted in twisting biblical verses in order to justify their greed- have completely twisted the message of Christ and Christianity in Kenya today is now a supposedly ticket to wealth and health.

Of course millions of silly…..yes silly……’Christians’ have become willing victims ,giving out their money in the hope that they will experience a financial miracle.

If your only desire is to be a millionaire open a company and offer something that no one else is offering otherwise be content with your poverty ridden life.

Where did Jesus ever promise anyone wealth?

In fact, if you become a true Christian, expect even to become poorer as you will be expected to share even the little that you have with the poor. I suspect that Peter’s fishing business collapsed after he became a follower of Jesus(there was no one to attend to the business :)

If Christianity is about being wealthy, then logic demands that Jesus disciples would have been the Bill Gates of their day.

If Christianity is about good health, then God would have healed that indefatigable apostle called Paul of Tarsus(Thorn in the Flesh).

Miracles are not part of faith. Any pastor talking about miracles is a fraud. Yes, miracles can happen but only when God wants not when pastors want. When Jesus was preaching, he never for a single day set out to perform miracles. On the contrary, healings happened through coincidences as he crisscrossed Palestine. His primary message was the Kingdom of God. In fact, he performed miracles to prove that he was the Messiah. What is a River Road pastor trying to prove?

But people are trying to arm-twist God into endorsing their cravings for wealth and miracles. God is your King not your servant. He calls you to serve His purpose; you don’t go to God so that he can support your cravings for wealth.

Female Perspective

We don't tithe to grow rich but to support the church... Then of course the pastors use it to enrich themselves at the members expense...This is however different from mainstream churches, the likes of PCEA, ACK, Catholic that don't "twist biblical perspectives" hence dubbed boring. This also explains the diminishing number of membership by the day.

kush yule mnono

Retired Hekaya Master
It really pains my heart to see the brainwashed so called faithfuls following this prosperity gospel pastors like sheep heading to a slaughter house. They flock into these churches every sundays, giving out everything they have in the name of tithes and the endless offerings in the hope of being overnight millionaires. It beats logic why I would so much believe in a mere mortal like myself praying to God on my behalf so that I could get a share of my blessings. To me hii ni upuus. I believe in God and the trinity but hizi churches za ajabu is a NO NO. A catholic for life, yeah kanono says so.


I really believe in the scripture that says "blessed is the one that giveth." With that said, I don't blindly give to Kanyari's of this world. There are plenty of ways to giving to the Lord.
You can tip the waiter
You can tip the bar maid
You can tell the shopkeeper to "keep change"
You can buy lunch for a beggar etc
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kweli kabisa, the other thing about tilthe siwezi tolea pastor pesa so that he can enrich himself but i will help those who really are in need.
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