The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Ezra is the Gift Of LIFE

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"Recently I have been seeing a disturbing trend in our country, 20 years ago HIV/AIDS is what killed many of our compatriots. 10 years ago it was Malaria and AIDS combined. Today in 2015(ten years later), I am convinced beyond doubt that Cancer is a huge threat to Generation X,Y and the unborn. Cancer cases will continue to affect our society unless we take steps to prevent it. You might think Cancer only affects other people but how many times have you walked in that Open Polluted Nairobi air, a report carried out recently found that the % of dust, pathogens and Carbon emissions in Nairobi exceeded the minimum safety threshold by a factor of 50. To show you how dirty the air in Nairobi is, with all these Gas Guzzling vehicles around and dusty paths, the level of pollution is not safe at all and could bring serious health issues in the long term, one startled European Researcher found that the damage Nairobi air does is equivalent to that person who Smokes about 1 to 3 cigarettes per day. With odour emanating from Open Garbage waste everywhere, our brothers from Eastlands are the most affected. Those living along Nairobi River are also affected due to the foul smell, you just need to pass by Pipeline and Donholm to witness this.
What I see as the greatest threat to Nairobians are those Fast Food Restaurants that sell Chips and Chicken. Most go for a whole year without changing their cooking oil. In fact some use Transformer Oil and other illegal additives which can give one Cancer and other defects.It's very disturbing but the truth has to be told. With KFC's and Nandos etc coming up everywhere like hot cake, I worry a lot for our generation since most of these establishments use GM(Genetically Modified enhancements) which aren't healthy for the body's normal cell functioning. Middle-Income Kenyans from all walks of life are increasingly susceptible to ailments that ten years ago were thought to be First World Problems.
My elder Sister was diagnosed with Cancer of the Ovaries in her early 30's but luckily she had already had her 3 kids. I have a cousin that was diagnosed with Brain Cancer but miraculously the tumor receeded due to her Positive inner being and attitude towards life plus Prayers and moral support could have played a role(maybe). My Sister wasn't so lucky, as the tumor in the Ovaries had reached Level 2 so she had to go for Chemotherapy sessions and Radiowave treatment. I remember her loud screams during treament, I will never forget that moment, fortunately she was treated. This is someone who used to eat those Fries for Tao frequently during lunch as she took a break from works in the CBD. I'm not saying Fries are bad but eating junk food every time is killing your body's immunity through time. Coke is the worst. A 300ml of Coke has about 10 tablespoons of sugar and other additives.After my sister had her Ovaries removed due to Cancer, I began to pay close attention to this new threat of our Generation and to date I have never looked back
Last week we helped Jadudi to raise funds and currently he is on his way to India for treatment. Now is another 23 year old Nairobian Orphan and Student called Ezra Momanyi and his story is touching. Please help Ezra in whatever way you can so he can enjoy his dream of being a Geologist and helping us possibly find more Oil and other resources hidden beneath Kenyan Soil. Help us save one of our own potential Kenyan Workforce who will contribute to our economy for many years to come. If you haven't read Ezra's touching story here it is below after the dotted line ----By Mwananchi


What you will be reading in the next few minutes is what EZRA MOMANYI, a good friend to many, a man who loves all people, cannot now say because of his situation.

Brother Ezra Momanyi, at 23 years of age, is the eldest son in a family of 3. He has two younger sibling brothers. His youngest brother; John, is a candidate this year in Mecheo High School in Kisii County. His immediate follower; Edwin, is a level 1 diploma student in Tourism Management at the African Institute, Nakuru County. Ezra and his two brothers are total orphans having lost both parents while still in lower primary and have since depended on relatives, friends and God for their upkeep.

In school, Ezra is a brilliant hardworking student. He excelled in the 2006 KCPE earning him admission into the prestigious Kisii School where he attained a mean grade of B plain and joined The University of Nairobi’s School of Physical and Biological Sciences to study a BSc. in Geology.

Ezra is a quiet, soft spoken individual, talented leader and above all, a good friend. He has been one of the senior leaders of The University of Nairobi SDA Church since his first year in college.

When Ezra was in his second year, his studies were suddenly halted due to persistent ailment. This started with a swelling on the left nostril after an academic field tour to Magadi in early 2014. This swelling was followed by occasional headaches, persistent nose blockage and nose-bleeding. Ezra was later diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (a cancerous growth at the upper part of the throat behind the nose). The cancer was at its third stage.

His doctors immediately advised for 4 (four) sessions of chemotherapy and 30 (thirty) sessions of radiotherapy. In late 2014 Ezra deferred his studies and went for radiotherapy until early 2015. At one time, the radiotherapy machines broke down further delaying his treatment. His sessions could occasionally stall due to inadequate blood, not to mention the unexplainable pain that the therapies inflicted on his young fragile body. His hair dropped off one by one, his hearing ebbed away, his skin darkened; he was weakened, lost appetite among a plethora of side effects. His brother Edwin has had to take a break from his studies to take care of his ailing brother.

But through the help of students who donated blood, prayers, together with friends and family members who took care of him and provided specialized dietary needs, Ezra successfully managed to complete his chemo and radiotherapy sessions. The therapies and a new diet that Ezra adopted caused the tumor to shrink and all seemed well. All were optimistic of recovery. Ezra regained his hearing, the headaches were gone and the nose bleeding stopped. The doctors gave him a period to rest as he awaited a final test to prove whether the cancer cells had been eradicated. He planned to get back to campus to complete his 3rd year in September of 2015.

However, in May 2015, another tumor started growing below the left eye causing much damage to his facial bones and the left eye. A biopsy done in June 2015 at Kenyatta National Hospital revealed he had developed lymphoma cancer. He was then scheduled for another round of chemotherapy immediately after the wound that developed due to the previous tumor on the face healed, and after his immune system improved. He was discharged and his doctors, meanwhile directed that he visits a clinic for dressing of the wound on his face.

Due to the location of the new tumor, chemotherapy would be very harmful to Ezra; the family argued and hence sought for alternative specialized treatment to deal with the tumors.

It is August 2015. Ezra lies in bed, writhing in pain caused by tumors, too weak to walk, he cannot talk like you and I. But he is hanging to dear life; with a spirit of faith, hope and the courage of a soldier. The area around his left eye is presently swollen (Badly swollen) and yet the tumor keeps growing. His left eye is completely blocked and he is experiencing severe memory loss. Ezra cannot walk by his own and can scarcely speak.

Now is the time to listen to what Ezra is not saying. Now is the time to #Give4Ezra by supporting him financially. The fountain of love never dries. We, Yes you and me are his family now…

What is urgently needed at the moment is more financial aid for a private doctor and above all, your prayers.

We have an initial budget of KShs. 1,000,000 that will cater for his medical expenses and upkeep as he undergoes treatment (At least for now).

The account details to Give4Ezra are as below:

KCB Moi Avenue Branch: 1172979294

KCB Pay Bill: 522522

To give, take your phone
Go to Mpesa
Go to Lipa na Mpesa
Enter business number as 52 25 22 (without the spaces)
Enter account number as 11 72 97 92 94 (without the spaces)
Enter the amount ( Give your 30bob, or 50bob, your 10,000… or whatever amount)
Enter your pin
Enter Ok.

The money goes to Ezra’s collection account at KCB, Moi Avenue Branch. Be blessed more abundantly as you give.

In case of need for further clarification, contact the following:

1. Pr. Dan Abuya: 0715002908

Chaplain: University of Nairobi Seventh Day Adventist Church

2. Benson Nyanoti: 0719793004

#Give4Ezra Communication Director

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All the same if restaurants stayed 10 years without changing their chips oil as you say, bidco and pwani oil would have closed shop. Dont exergerate issues just to draw attention. Informative piece all the same
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