The Greatest of All

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In the beginning there was the word and the word was with God -Bible
Fast forward through creation and we meet the first man and woman. Now here is where the drama starts my friends:
1.The Greatest Porn addict
Now Adam looks at his companion and 'discoveres' her winnie wrinkle, a.k.a the pu**y. Without much further a do he is pounding her as she screams with pleasure. Both being adult virgins the orgasm shakes their mind. They decide to go at it again....Meanwhile in the nearby everywhere, the omnipresent Jehovah has watched the first adult scene, even before video cameras were invented. We got to give it up for this dude! The first porn addict ever. Fast forward down the millenia. Every act of fucking, be it for commercial purposes(Porn) or the other unspecified pleasure reasons, Dude has watched them ALL.
2. Team Kawasaki Patron
As the fellow watches this endless gwatis; mind you there is several going on now he gets a borner. Remember he is not married. He grabs his dong and wanks away to @PepoPunda making a slut scream in a lorry parking yard. In fact this dude has wanked on his shaft till it is zigzag. Imagine kujikamua for thousands of years....poor fellow!
3. Team Mafisi Patron
Considering his immense power. This being decided not to limit freedom. He created dong and punnany in such a way that each can have any number of the other. Here pirates like @MgangAlchemist @junkie @Ka-Buda @Female Perspective @PepoPunda @Wakanyama @Mathice among others were ensured their rights.

Now there should be no reason why anyone should wonder whether this Dude is the Greatest.


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Waaa ,either you were trying to be funny or sarcastic,I'm not sure which but HE still loves you despite your glaring shortcomings


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Kindly i beg u to desist from blasphemy
Blasphemy is claiming to be God which clearly I have not. As for what I have said, maybe team kawasaki ndio naeza mchuja. Izo zingine it is evident.
if ever there's hell, the hottest spot is reserved for you
Those who fear hell are the ones it will consume. Look again, in my own uganga way I am praising the single Dude in the sky.
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