The importance of praying for a God ordained leadership


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I greet you all who are of the house of faith. My fellow believers in the resurrected Christ. Shalom. As many of us can attest we are all disappointed in the leaders we voted for no matter what side of the divide we were in. It has come to pass that cursed is the man who puts his trust in man.

In 2007,I was very busy politicking for ODM. I had a mailing list and the last email I sent before breaking for Christmas was about clashes in Kuresoi. I had made bets that RailaRuto would win.

As the post election violence erupted, I spent most of the time watching the violence and praying. I would have endless nightmares of bloody people begging me to help them. It was after disabled, the elderly and children were burnt in a church in Kiambaa that I really began to cry out to the Lord in earnest. I would not even sleep at night because I would get nightmares. I spent most of the my nights praying. In the mornings I would watch the sun rise.

The Lord rebuked me for politicking instead of praying. My last minute crisis prayers were too little, too late. I am a very political person so weaning myself from politics to prayer was a tall order to put it mildly. I am still trying. Politics no longer consumes me as it once did.

Beloved our country is not in a good place and we need to take up our place as watchmen on the wall. When Jubilee came in, the Lord had a great plan of reconciliation and restoration but it didn't happen.

We as a people are going into exile and enslavement in Babylon, thanks to careless debt to the dragon. The Bible says that the borrower is a servant of the lender. We are starting to feel like slaves thanks to excessive taxation to service loans.

We don't have time as elections are rapidly approaching. We need to pray and we need to repent least God abandon us to our fate. Kigame has been urging believers to pray bad leaders out of office. If politicians can get witchcraft to win elections why can't we who believe in the Most High God pray for the right leaders to win elections. Pagans know to use the supernatural to get what they want more than believers.

You may not see any one worthy of leadership but you can pray for God's will still. The thing is to do it now, to do it early because beyond a certain time frame it'll be too late.

The word of God is not mere talk. It's power. The power to bring God's kingdom to manifest on earth. With those many remarks let's take it upon ourselves to really pray for the will of God to come to pass in our country.