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the Italian job.


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Buffon forgot the golden rule 'quit while ahead'

Too bad for him but ni keeper mzuri. Team yake, akina materazzi, inzaghi perotta.. have since retired, he was just forestalling the inevitable.

Mzee mzima

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That coach should be assassinated I'm not even Italian but I felt for them. How can you play Darmian at the expense of the best player you have in the squad? Do you know Darmian is not a footballer, he just pretends to be.


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These Italians cried like little children on the pitch. Niliwahurumia sana.

But that coach, on sofascore I was arguing that you can't leave out so many stars then put some obscure clown from Southampton!!!

Apparently his claim to fame was that he won a title with a SerieC team o_O