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  1. hakimoto

    hakimoto Village Elder

  2. Ubongo

    Ubongo Village Elder

    Kabla #resist #
  3. 0%_Omera

    0%_Omera Village Elder

    It must be a sad day in Italia.
  4. coldpilsner

    coldpilsner Village Elder

  5. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Why hadn't he quit earlier?
    Am sure if they had qualified he would have been there as the Italian keeper in the world cup.
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  6. coldpilsner

    coldpilsner Village Elder

    maybe that is the turning point
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  7. Etigere

    Etigere Village Elder

    Buffon forgot the golden rule 'quit while ahead'

    Too bad for him but ni keeper mzuri. Team yake, akina materazzi, inzaghi perotta.. have since retired, he was just forestalling the inevitable.
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  8. NMK

    NMK Senior Villager

    That was before the game yesterday
  9. Mzee mzima

    Mzee mzima Village Elder

    That coach should be assassinated I'm not even Italian but I felt for them. How can you play Darmian at the expense of the best player you have in the squad? Do you know Darmian is not a footballer, he just pretends to be.
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  10. Oxygen

    Oxygen Senior Villager

    Watawatch kwa TV kama sisi
  11. Grundy

    Grundy Village Elder

    We should invite them for a friendly.
  12. imei2012

    imei2012 Village Elder

    hata messi alikua hapo nothing new
  13. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    At least Argentina qualified. Ama?
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  14. conoiseur

    conoiseur Village Elder

    Argentina qualified. Netherlands and Italy and Chile are others who we wont be watching in next year's tournament
  15. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    umbwa hao

  16. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    These Italians cried like little children on the pitch. Niliwahurumia sana.

    But that coach, on sofascore I was arguing that you can't leave out so many stars then put some obscure clown from Southampton!!!

    Apparently his claim to fame was that he won a title with a SerieC team o_O