The Kitchen.

Kama kawaida 5.15 am nilikuwa in the kitchen . Normal time ni 4.50 so the head chef /cook was mad at me as usual.
The kitchen serves a lot of guys (around 500-700).Sufurias in this damn place are the sizes of kentak 500litres. Since the ninja has the powers I was ordered to get down and dirty and clean two of those.
Now my mistake was to start with wrong one of the two .
10min later he comes rushing in ,
Cook: wewe etiketi mambo gani haya (coastal accent)
Etiquette :I ignore the ninja like his not even there.
Cook :Kijana haya ni masikio au mashikio? (grabbing me by the ears)
Etiquette :Ni kum*nin* zako
Cook :walahi utapoteza kazi wewe.
Ladies and gentlemen that's how I got into the bad books and created bad blood with the chef .

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