The lady of The Threshold^3

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A lady friend told me this story which just goes to show how infidelity can ruin your life. I am going to narrate it as the lady told it, but will change names and locations to protect identities. Also, no mbisha will be provided.

"I am a married lady in my mid-30's with two children. My husband works in Nairobi while I work in Nyeri. We have been having differences with my husband, especially due to his drinking, infidelity and general irresponsibility. he rarely sends money home, and when he does, it is barely enough for my needs and those of our children.

"My husband has a sister who is married to a man called martin. martin is one understanding guy, and he has been providing a shoulder to cry on whenever things go wrong between me and my husband. We have never had any sexual relationship, but from the way he looks at me, i know he would love to get into my knickers. On Friday, he called me and told me that he would be coming to Nyeri on Saturday, and asked if we could meet for a drink. it is long since i had a drink, so i accepted the offer. he however told me that his shugulis will end quite late, and thus we can only meet after 8pm. I figured out that it would be good to send my children to their grandma for the weekend, just in case I do not manage to go back home. i also carried some clothes just in case.

"We met with my bro-in-law in nyeri and had some very nice time. We discussed my husband, our problems, everything, and as always, Martin was very supportive. then at around 11pm, a colleague came to the same place and sat a few tables away. I am guilty of having a relationship with this colleague. he is the one who got me the job, so I have always loved him in some way. He is married, and very understanding. Since i did not want to send wrong signals, I called him and invited him to our table. I introduced him to Martin (as a colleague, not lover), and we had a very good time, the three of us. At around 1am (sunday), my colleague wanted to leave, and I offered to see him off to his car. I don't know if it was the alcohol in me or what, but there is no way he was going to leave me without any hope of getting a ferk this weekend. I suggested we go for a quickie somewhere. My plan was I be away for an hour. Martin had offered to book me a room in the hotel. So I would join him at around 2am and thereafter we could retire, each one to his/her room.

"We went a few blocks away and had a steamy session, and before I knew it, it was 5am. I cant recall if the threshold was achieved. But ferked i was ferked. My colleague wanted to go to his wife, so he left me. I checked my phone and saw 120 missed calls from Martin, and one message, asking if I am okay. He said he had retired to bed, and had booked room 402 for me. I got a cab and headed to room 402. I got the keys and went to bed. I got a call from him at 7am and when i told him that i was in the next room, he came over to see me. I don't know what he saw in me, but he outrightly knew I had been ferked. He was extremely angry and blamed me for the issues with my husband. I started crying. The more I cried, the more he reprimanded me. I knew I was finished, since there was a possibility of him telling my husband. FYI, they are good friends and drink together in Nairobi. I saw the only thing to make him keep quiet is if i let him ferk me. I asked him to join me in bed, and after much persuasion he joined me. I had a tshirt and a pantie only. I hugged him and let my tears flow freely onto his chest. At around 8pm, he was snoring. I also slept. Kitu 10am, I felt a hand touching my ass in a manner to suggest that he wants me. I shifted my posture to give the hand access to the pu**y as well. Before long, the fingers were doing the walking and exploring my pu**y. I responded and touched a very hard Abdallah. I couldn't waste the chance, so I pulled down his trousers+underwear. he did not resist, but instead pulled down my knickers. A few seconds later, martin was riding me like a hungry tiger. i swear that guy is good in bed. Mark you, all along, no words have been spoken. When he exploded after kitu 7 mins, he looked at me straight into the eyes, and told me "i have always longed for this. Please if you are not sexually satisfied by your husband, I will be doing it regularly". I smiled the first time since we had met that morning. More action followed untill 1pm when we left the room for lunch. We decided to do some choma at a nearby joint. I was too hangover'd to have a drink, so i opted for some water.

"At 1.30pm, my husband called. He told me he's in the house and was wondering where i am. I lied that i am in church, but would be there in a few minutes. I explained to Martin, and he advised me to go home immediately. When I got into the house, I noticed that my hubby has brought in shopping like he has never done before. I got excited and jumped on him with hugs and kisses. He responded likewise, and since it had been like 2 months since we last ferked, I found myself in bed at 1.37pm, getting the third d*ck of the day".
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Some guys are lucky.
Who is the lucky one among the three men in the hekaya?
What....I am never going to get married. That lady should open a brothel and sell coomer as she is an expert already.
She is not a loose woman the way i know her. Just that life conspired against her on that day.
Chesus!!! That is not a wife she is nasty slut and I highly doubt this is her first rodeo...The messed up thing is am attracted to her kind...lastly is she a talker???
She isnt a talker, to the best of my knowledge.


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And in the whole of this story, the husband is made to look as the irresponsible one.
Yes, he's the irresponsible one, and all that happened is as a result of his irresponsibility. If he had been good to the lady, she would not have got into the mess of 3 dciks.
screenshot ya 120 missed calls? hata receipt ya shopping hakuna?
I said at the start that no mbishas will be provided.
Assuming each guy is a ktalker na wote walifikisha threshold thus the pink handles threshold is at 21 !!
Apana. this is a special case. ladies tunataka moja tu.


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Am disgusted by her behaviour. I think the most valuable thing in a woman is not her beauty but her decency n behaviour. Women shoud lead holy lives and should preserve their bodies for their husbands only! She is inviting trouble and she shall find it if she continues this way. Advise her as ur friend to leave that path and to be the descent wife she is expected to be. She is the glue in that marriage and she should walk with wisdom to keep her home intact.
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