The leeches we elected in counties are milking us dry. They live in opulence on our funds while not effecting any changes on lives of citizens



Kuteseka ni kwa muda tu ndugu:D:D:D:D:D
:D don't underestimate the collective stupidity of voters. Individually we are all very intelligent people but once we get bunched up, pure thought gets swallowed in the din of euphoria and then we end up with people like YT2. There's no guarantee that we will be any wiser in 2022. We can only pray that God will intervene and the best liars and crooks will not be able to submit their candidacy so that voters will be choosing between 2 good men.
The people who can make a difference are too few. Majority of Kenyans who vote are the same as the thugs who they vote in. The Jimnah Mbarus of Kenya cannot hack it when pitted against the Waititu thugs. The irony is that the poor people who are most affected by these imbeciles ' lack of integrity are the ones who mostly vote for them. For example most manambas and maids voted for the Sonko halfwit.