The leftist student leader was simply another bright student used and dumped by politicians

In his heydays, Karl Marx demanded that he had to take his supper at his neighbour’s house — in State House, the home of the feared former President Daniel arap Moi.


This was a wish that at times he was granted.
While at the university, he was also known as Riots for his heroic antics during student disruptions.

His strategy was always to make the university “ungovernable”, often giving fiery speeches coloured with threats.

He would turn up in clubs in town to “ rescue” comrades who were unable to pay their bills, and is said to have thrown stones during riots as if using a gun and seeming immune to tear gas fired by GSU to quell the riots.

“He just marched forward,” Mr Kang’ata said.
Karl Marx opposed the parallel degree programme, saying it was exploitative and an opening for corruption. He was expelled together with other student union leaders and the union was also suspended.

Despite his fame, his life turned for the worse as early as when in Third Year. Dark, militant and with one tooth missing, he became a perpetual drunkard who spent more time at chang’aa dens than in lecture halls.

He had 13 straight A’s in both first and second years but performed poorly in subsequent years.
He graduated after 13 years in university and later on completed a post-graduate degree in Actuarial Science.

He had enrolled for medicine, changed to dental school before graduating with a pure Mathematics undergraduate degree.

The leftist student leader was simply another bright student used and dumped by politicians. After university, he tried to reform his life but was not successful at it.
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