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the life and pains of being "her"

imagine waking up in the moring then unajipata wewe ndiye nyayaikai???....forgive the spelling...that girl who "owns the judiciary"

Remember the way these burgers threw Kethi under the bus, and later lied to you how you were important to this nation, you submitted fake documents, you are now supposed to swear in the same man you sabotaged ......hapo ndiyo unapeana resigantion letter na unahamia US....


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Anaitwa Nyaiyaki Esther.

Worse is Maraga swearing in President whose results he once trashed.
It's just work my friend. Nothing personal and I am sure it's no big deal to Maraga or Uhuru himself. It is Jubilee fanatics who are making a mountain out of a mole hill.