The Millitant William S. Ruto Unleashed


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Watching his twitter feed and his talk lately tells that he has risen to compensate for Muthamaki's softness, whose Jomo genes have remained recessive for a while now. Ruto is only hitting below the belt, and that may be his new style going forward. The guy we saw in 2007/8 is back, and even the shiny eyes are appreciating his stand nowadays, something they may feel obliged to repay in 2012.

Some of his latest tweets;

William Samoei Ruto‏Verified account @WilliamsRuto
So has CJ taken sides? Listening to the tone, language & drift of Maraga's lecture the only phrase missing is NASA HAO! TIBIN! & TIALALA!
William Samoei Ruto‏Verified account @WilliamsRuto Sep 17
With a past of coups, violence & bloodshed no politician should unconstitutionally deny other kenyans their Constitutional right to vote.

TmT should now brace himself for Dry Fry manenos, I dont need to add HKM


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Singh Arap Cholera is a International Criminal Court alumni, his murderous credentials are not in doubt.

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