The mother of all threads

Whom would you prefer to create the nane nane super thread?

  • Admin

  • Meria mata

  • Female Perspective

  • Mulosi

  • Chloe

  • Guka

  • @afro jiri sacco chairman

  • Spear

  • Miss fine wine

  • Upuss(spoilt vote na haitahesabiwa!)

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Chairman wa @Afro jiri Sacco should be given this mandate. That is the only way to be sure it will be posted very early morning.

Otherwise all those ume list Ni ma old folks. We can't be sure what time they wake up. Guka might even not wake up.

It will be in bad faith to leave out someone who opens his sacco so early for someone who posts after his sacco is open.
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It doesn't matter... but me naomba pink handles from respective brigades (uotp & Rwnbp) for once on that day muache kua stingy.we need lots of mecho cleansers..before tu vote ndo tuone izo ballot papers vizuri(can you imagine 6 papers na zingine ziko na like 100 candidates).Then tukigoja matokeo pale kwa tv, depending on how long it will take you can bet by the time they will be announcing we will b 50% blind. So nawasihi tafadhali its a big day.