The Name Of The Rock


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I can tell you without fear of contradiction that there is no other person on earth called "Raila".

In Luo, the word Raila means the itchy one or the restless one. Is it any surprise that few people would want to name their child the itchy one . Therefore, Raila Adonija (?) Odinga remains the only person on earth stuck with the name Raila. I wonder what Adonija means in Yoruba :roll: :roll:

Thurmates!!!! Are you surprised that this is the itchy-est politician you have seen in your lifetime?

They also tell me that the name Agwambo means the rock that refused to melt in the rain. Someone forgot to send Agwambo the memo that there are other rocks too, and they do not melt in the rain either. I hear they are called Samoei and Muigai, and they do not like the lyrics in tibim

It is time Railanyuoks melted their egos and realized that there are other cockerels in the barn. While they don't sing and gyrate wildly to the lyrics of tibim, they sure can lay down the rod thoroughly. While Railanyuoks were gyrating obscenely to the song tibim and chanting gini wasekawo (we have taken this thing), the other cockerels sneaked in and shagged the chicken twice (8/8 and 10/26) without a care in the world.


Source - For those who don't know the Luo meanings of the names Raila and Agwambo.


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Panzer said:

After the death of his elder brothers Amnon and Absalom, Adonijah considered himself the heir-apparent to the throne. He acquired chariots and a large entourage.
In anticipation of his father's imminent death, Adonijah eyed the throne.
He did not invite Solomon or any of his supporters. According to the Jewish Study Bible, by excluding Solomon, Adonijah demonstrates his awareness that he is in effect usurping the throne.

However David gave orders that Solomon should immediately be proclaimed and admitted to the throne.

Adonijah fled and took refuge at the altar, receiving pardon for his conduct from Solomon on the condition that he showed himself a worthy man. (1 Kings 1:5-53). He afterwards made a second attempt to gain the throne, by trying to marry David's last woman, Abishag from Shunem, but Solomon denied authorization for such an engagement, even though Bathsheba now pleaded on Adonijah's behalf. He was then put to death (1 Kings 2:13-25).


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I disagree..he is most dangerous at this time, he should be obliterated and turned into pink mist (figuratively) bila kufikiria mara mbili.
He is only as dangerous as his followers. he can say he boycotts all the products, but how do we know?
it is a fact that Osama watched porn but his followers followed the strictest code of religion.
People should be allowed to practice their stupidity. thats the only way they grow up