The New Resistance – is it a Pointless cause?


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Resistance in the continent is a painful process, let the resistance begin from within individual’s. Throwing stones and street demos would fade into insignificance if the people themselves became the change.

Why do these people not fight for things that would lead to fundamental changes or take actions that would significantly impact the peoples’ welfare in the long-term?
Tell those people applying faeces’ at polling station to boycott giving and taking bribes and partaking in any corruption and fraud schemes. More than 6 million say No to corruption\bribery and the tide of change will catch on.

Here is the rallying call for resistance….

“We equally refuse to be the good men and women who did nothing when evil took roots. We return our original assignment. That assignment at the start of the current journey was and remains that we will be the people who will end electoral fraud not only in Kenya but in all of Africa,” said Raila.

The entire statement has not a single word intended on fighting Corruption, to deal with electoral fraud is selective. Resistance is futile until one deals decisively with bribery and corruption in their house and rank.

The African continent cannot be turned around by seekers of power who cannot deal with corruption. Justice and true fairness cannot take root as long as bribery and corruption are rampant, corruption erodes fairness which is the pillar of Justice.

Countries without huge pockets of poverty are not easy to put into deadlock
Sometimes darkness sets out to fight the little spark of light that emerge.

They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved. 2 Peter 2:19
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NRM = National RETIREMENT Movement.

It is designed to be a vehicle to siphon funds from clueless JaKuonists to support old, failed politicians who have trouble accepting their miserable fate. A new paybill number will be published momentarily.

Give generously and you shall reap rivers of chang’aa and endless chupis in the next world.

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!