Wamefika! Yaaay!

Lakini hii watu surely! Just for show! It will be such a shame for the whole of that claptrap to be thrown out on a technicality for an oversight/ommission/carelesness on NASWA's part.

eg receipt ya bank.
Don't antagonize the court while you know they can hammer the last nail in your coffin. All those pages ni umeffi tu and they will now certainly face a hostile bench.
I can swear that they have bound copies of all the form 34As, hoping that the court is distracted and overlooks the grounds along which NASA rejected the outcome: evidence based on 'hacked' IEBC servers transmitting results. Fortunately, we have the press conference footage and media handouts.:D:D:D


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Before he Retires, His side of the story will be heard. Its worse to go home and your grivances have not be heard so let him air his.
The best senario is the court overturns IEBC decision- very unlikely. For the sake of next elections and safe guards, the case is very important


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Even if this happens and people now knowing that these are power hungry clowns, a re-run will give them less than 44% in fact. Reminds me of my former classmate who used to complain that his exams were unfairly marked, when remarking was done he actually scored lower
Well said ! Haha! For the sake of sending the man home fair and square , fresh elections to be done and watch him get even fewer votes .