The Paratroopers in Diani

It has been the highest of pleasures and an absolute honour for us to work with airborne units of the Kenya Defence Force over the last two months.
An extraordinary level of dedication and professionalism results in a new generation of paratroopers for Kenya and Africa as a whole. "Huja!!"

Photos and text courtesy of skydive diani fb

If you haven't skydived..then you haven't lived

This is the Harbin Y-12 which can go super slow

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Village Elder
Parachute ikikatalia juu kufunguka inakuwa aje, kujiharia
That is my fear like f**k hakuna second take....if your chute fails zote mbili, its hoping the others fikia you and release it holding on to each other!!
f**k NO! was invited once when in Portugal nilikwama kwa runway didn't even board the plane was like f**k no! I can climb mountains f**k it even board small planes but parachute is pushing it too far for me.


Village Elder
@Jazzman nilisoma eti parachute landing adversely affects the back and legs with time. ni ukweli?
Not really, if done according to set standards. Hapa ndio madaktari husema inategemea na physiology yako. One may develop mild, moderate or severe degeneration as skydiving puts enormous stress on the spine.

Hapo kwa miguu ni mtu kuland vibaya.