The Problem With This Country/Continent


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Atheists and Christians are polar opposites (on a same level of thinking) Essentially they believe in their own version of what the word 'God' means - and you let this shiet control your life
It's funny and even laughable to watch this drama


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Being an atheist in itself requires training, and I believe they do have to understand who God/Allah (or any other god, the tree gods, the drowned gods, the seven pointed star etc), who Jesus/Muhamed is, understand the Bible and Quran well and then decide to hell with religion.


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Yesterday , i was at german stand trying to find more information on a water pump at the big 5 construction east africa...... when i asked where i can buy the pump locally the german guy who was all along demonstrating how it works with condescending attitude pointed at one of the employee of thier local partners and said "you can ask these people "....... we both looked at him at like wtf ? I let him have it plus i also reported the stand to the organisers.
Pia wewe uko na kaufala flani. Someone is busy demonstrating how a machine works but you want him to leave all so that he can give you directions to a shop in Kariobangi or in Mwea? That's bad manners. I'm sure wale watu alikua anaonyesha did not see him as condescending.