The reason Msando was killed - it's not about rigging


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Listening to NASA this morning, I got an idea on why Msando had to die.

NASA have been trying to paint IEBC as an incompetent institution numerous times but have failed. They even called for the disbandment of IEBC and said that our election be overseen by an international institution, like the UN. (How stupid)

Once all those efforts fell flat, they went to drastic lengths to murder an IEBC official.

What is Mudavadi and Orengo saying?

Mudavadi and Orengo are saying that there is no other person at IEBC who has the caliber of Msando to handle the ICT infrastructre and therefore, they want outsiders to come and man the IEBC ICT systems - differently worded script but the intent is still to discredit IEBC.

I believe this is still part of an effort by the opposition to have the August 8 elections called off or suspended.

Next be ready for a press conference by Raila himself to hammer the point home, that IEBC cannot hold credible elections, and they call on the US, UK, France, EU, FBI to intervene.

Lakini mimi naaambia wana anasa hivi, all your schemes have failed, and this one will fail terribly too.

Tukutane kwa debe.


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Hapa umedinya point kabisaa.
NASA has never wanted the elections to happen on 8th.
They have come with every move to delay them but failed miserably.
Panic mode button is furiously blinking as the clock ticks with its majestic pace.


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In my mind, there is only 1 person who does not want a CREDIBLE election. I stand with those who want credibility because this is much more important for ALL kenyans


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KDF SPOKESMAN Joseph Owuoth goes missing, family says, days after confirming documents Nasa claimed revealed rigging plot were from military