The reason we are 3rd world


Mrs Shosho

Ignore the county government tag. If this is the kind of leadership (which lead us) that puts a boda boda shade to block the designed pedestrian walk ways then I am not surprised at all why we are 3rd world country.
Langat, we agreed pesa zetu zikuliwe, ...munch munch and swallow. It is going to be done again in 2022. Wewe pambana na familia yako.
Even when Uhuru leaves leadership, he will still be looking out for the vast Kenyatta empire. He has left already....:confused:.
We are nowhere near safe with the current crop of leaders. Very hard times ahead.


Village Sponsor
That is why i said ignore the county government tag because it is a Photoshop...What is my main point is look at what these planners of county government decided to do to an area designated as pedestrian walk ways
Having worked in the grassroots level in various counties, you would be very surprised that the county planning office may not be aware of this, MCA's and politically correct bigwigs usually disregard the professionals, and brashly put them in their place by having them transferred especially if they are sticklers to policies, rules and regulations. This has made them (professionals) lie low and keep quiet as the blatant disregard for public safety like the one pictured goes on.