The strangest football stadium in the world?


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There are a number of things that could potentially distract football players during matches - but a train hurtling its way past a pitch during a game has got to be perhaps the most unusual - and distracting - of them all.

However, that is the reality for Slovakian amateur team TJ Tatran Čierny Balog, who play their games next to a railway track that regularly has trains making its way past the ground - even during matches.
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A video uploaded onto social media by a fan attending a game involving the Slovakian team shows just how focused players must be as a steam train travels along the length of the pitch during a match while spectators sitting in stands just in front of the track watch on.

Aside from the fact that a train goes right past the ground, the noise made by the engine coupled with the steam emitted from the train prove to be the ultimate distraction for players - although supporters certainly seem to enjoy the show with many taking pictures and indeed videos of the unusual scene.


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That's just like an open ground with goalposts erected and mini terraces. Calling it a stadium is stretching the imagination a bit too far.
This reminds me of karatina. There is a field called kiwanja kwa reli where we used to go an watch those whole sale cinemas for free from a projector. I could even comfortably sit on the gate and watch the movie. Wale CSI wa ktalk can now trace out home..hehehe
We used to play football there just next to the train tracks.