The thieving nation: Pickpockets’ day In Nyeri.

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Catholic Sisters from Italy who visited Kenya for the beatification of Sister Irene Stefani are reeling from shock after they lost valuables of unknown amount to pickpockets.

Gloria Stefani, who spoke behalf of her colleagues, on Monday said despite heavy security during the ceremony, they lost money, a passport, credit cards and cameras, among other items.

The Sister who lost her passport is stranded, she said.


“They were picked from our bags as we walked in the procession. I have lost the only 200 euros (Sh21,400) that I had, and my credit card,” she said.

Sister Stefani, who is in Kenya for her first time, said although she had lost her money, her colleagues would facilitate her travel back to Italy.

She was set to fly to Rome on Monday evening.


“The event was beautiful, save for the thugs. It is sad that as we were worshipping, some were inserting their hands into our bags and taking away our valuables,” she said

She said seven of her colleagues had reported their losses to police who were manning the area, including one who lost 1,000 euros (Sh107,000).

The pickpockets managed to get away with the crimes despite heavy presence of security officers who patrolled Nyeri Town on foot, motorcycles and in vehicles.

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The pickpockets of St Peters Square make many pilgrims weep. Whats a credit card or two and a little money surely? Ama they expected to come to exotic Africa where natives dance half naked for them? The world is hard, live with it gals!


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And just asking, how does a person walk with more than 1000 euros kwa mfuko yet kuna visa card, master card, american express etc
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