The TOP heavy hitter on You Tube. The very best of the best is a ...


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... little Russian girl. :D:D:D:D

Her name is Little Nastya or Anastasia Radzinskaya.

Annual income : $18 million American Dollars just after 5 years on YouTube!

She now makes more money every year on YouTube than most top Hollywood superstars. Tuseme ako ligi moja na akina Will Smith or even higher than that.

Total views on YT : a staggering, mind boggling 51 BILLION VIEWS!!!

Subscribers : 68 million !!

These Russians are cheating as usual... they have to be. These numbers don't make any sense AT ALL!

This silly video of little Nastya for instance has 618 million views : :D:D

This one 651 million views :

The strange thing is that she is signed to a Russian American Youtube company based in Florida called Yoola.... smells like the Russian Mafia to me.

They moved the girl and her parents from rural Russia to Florida.

Very many top hitters on YouTube are similarly Russians. Coincidence?