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While streaming the last Konnect Program on K24 I found Valerie Kimani , she was talking about the above . And I was like surely, what has this world come to? A woman can have the above mentioned? A single woman ? Isnt it better to just go into commercial sex work and atleast get paid for your trouble. SOmething is seriously wrong with our society. If you are single you dont need sex, sex sio oxygen that you need some guy you have quick sex with on Tuesday whom you barely speak to. Najua gym instructors hii ndio kazi but atleast hao wameshona and they have good people skills but obvious hakuna LCM so theres nothing to even speak of since you cant relate to their lives or them yours on any level ,as in you are worlds apart. Still even for those built guys,who live in gyms this arrangement just is so repulsive. I cant imagine ati these regular guys , I almost fell off my seat listening to this woman. Ati its not exclusive so if the Tuesday guy meets you with some other guy or vice versa hakuna possesiveness. WTF??? Im shocked and appalled by this woman's advice. Ati someone who you cant see yourself EVER introducing to anyone. Alafu ati make sure it is Tuesday only. Aki what? Hebu wale watu wanajua about these Tuesday man/woman thing to explain how it works because to me it sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Baby Panay, I blocked you then you are all over my post talking about I need to get laid, your shit head with zero reasoning capacity has nothing to say but go get laid, ok Mister, lets talk about getting laid, unlike you who cant get any woman to get with you coz you are so damn fugly ,and thats why you always talking about oh you need to get with women who love you more than you love them, nigga you were always about menopause, I told you am proud of my menopause and Ive left the good,bad and ugly dicks to your ugly sorry ass. Im sorted. I just ask about topical issues , I dont know what having an opinion and some principles has to do with being mad. Motherfucker go look for those sorry ass women who love you more than you love you fucking loser. When other men are looking for the best woman they can get you you are looking for whoever is bursted enough to love your sorry ass. Bitch pls. I will NEVER waste time answering you ever again. Peleka your pathetic ass to Karomaindo you can pay some woman to love you over there. As delusional are men can be about their worth, you know aint no normal woman going to love your retarded ass so you go look for desperate Bitchez and leave my threads alone b4 I chop that pencil d*ck makes you think you are the f**k police. Shithead!