The way forward...

Hunter Xp

Village Elder
We know he changed his name to rhyme with Kenya's name. Tunajua Kamau. So Kamau alale kwa amani bila kusumbua. One day we will have rational people who understand that that man was a miserable pathetic despot. we will change anything that has his name and that other failure called Moi.
Finally they will say there is a Kenyatta in KENYA and request kenya to be named Kundustan.
It's like these Nasa bloggers, lawyers and activists have a disease.
The whole country is preparing to hold or boycott an election, and now portrait currency has become an urgent issue. Can't they wait 1 month to start a national conversation?
Or is someone trying to distract us from something?
How comes me i don't see them having a disease.... you're too comfortable in your seat ume sahau kuna mtu alipiganja uhuru wako.... For peace to prevail war has to occur