The Win


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Am of that old school where I was taught to accept my failings shamelessly and to take my winnings humbly. With this, I extend my hand in commending my opponents The UOTP brigade for a craftly won duel and to accept that my team RWNEEEBP has suffered a major blow. While I set to regroup, let it be known that ours is not a retreat in battle, but an advancement to the rear. We , today have lost a battle to the gallant soldiers of UOTP and they have our admiration. Kudos Bros.
@admin , kindly allow the friends of Team RWNEBP a Lee way to post extreme nudity for just today to both reward Mecho ya Team UOTP and to also console team RWNEBP.
Kudos worthy opponent s.

NB.....all. Kindly note that @admin s silence is his blessings to Post hurriedly X-Rated Ebony nudity strictly of the female gender.A shemale may be allowed but Hell to the No for g** chieth
NASA celebrating is similar to Arsenal celebrating beating Bayern 2-0 1st leg only to be hammered 5-1 in the 2nd leg.


Tumesema tena na tena