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There are some very sick mofos...... WTF?

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Chheeeeesos!! Thats a realy sick f*cktard. Yani kuna watu kama hawa hii dunia.? Whatever happened to the order of nature..Man inserts D into P..?all this other sick perversions baffle me..una wank aje na dem yuko hapo..ati wewe unataka tu ashute... brrrrrrr (shaking my body in disgust)


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If that is strange Read "120 Days of Sodom" By Sade. If you finish the book or movie version I will shade my title and hand you my kingdom.


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There was Major Gumpert or something like that, in his sex tourism blog, the guy liked drinking girls urine, he would funga a poko, dryfry her then asubuhi anaitisha his favourite drink, served warm!
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