There is this character of people i hate

You are talking to someone one on one, and every time you ask him/her a question, anakuliza "nani, mimi" and you are the only two of you.

Sasa hiyo ni ujinga ya kuzaliwa ama ni upumbavu ?
kuwa mpole bana. sometimes the mouth rushes to speak mbele ya thoughts.

ama wewe hujawai ulizwa swali ukajibu na swali? .. because men if we narrow down every aspect of stupidity in character, am pretty sure you'd be surprised all humans are stupid to the core. You included.

so from here on out why dont you just swallow your pride and understand people. İt takes very little effort, infact little than the time you waste typing this nonsense


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Lol. People have a lot going on in their minds, can't blame 'em. I have many friends and relatives who just want to vent or feel like they're talking to someone. What I do is I space out or if it's on phone I put em on speaker and take a nap only to say aha when they ask if I am still there. At the end of 2 hr long conversation they did most of the talking. They're happy s1 listened and I don't even know what they talked about. Everyone thinks I'm a great listener. It's a technique I learnt as a kid during those loooong lectures from paros. After lecture mzazi anakuuliza what do you have to say, unasema I've 'heard'! That time your mind has taken an hour long walk. It's very effective.


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If I ask you a question and you go like "mmh?" I usually just stare at you. Most people have heard you the first time and will go ahead and answer. If they do that again, I usually just ask them straight to their face if they have hearing problems.