this bar maid

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jagger snr

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i wonna DF this bar maid. i mean i have been eyeing her n kept tabs just around the counter whenever it's her turn to receive bills n enjoyed her cleavage n panty lines everytime she bends to have access to it. so today i just get my plc has bn taken bt still made it nearer as i could. she keeps saying hi to me and asking small small questions about me n general life. being out of town n also not feeling well since monday, nkaketi na kuagiza. she then comes straight to me immediately as my buddy leaves for the gents n asks where i have been n how seriously, she has missed me. she then notices am not on my ussual Tusker n asks why, i get honest with her n she tells me back... "then you aint fit for today" n leaves. all that while nmesumbuka sana till nkamkuta n asked her what she takes... akasema caprice is ok for now bt after kunipea condacts, i insisted. after which ameniambia nsiende bila kumwambia.


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heshima ni muhimu wewe kijana wa kuuzia GSU zile fimbo zako.. umeskia ?? tukijoin ulikua mpole sana saa hii umefura kichwa na hagga... hii kichaka yako imejaa kila aina ya watu umeskia. kunywa yorghut yako na uache ushenz.. am not here to please you...


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Ok, let me get this right, a guy got this excited coz a bar maid (who serves tens of men in a day) gave him some little attention?Boss make it a point to be getting out more often and away from your local.Some of us hupata mpaka Bj kwa pub and it's no big deal.
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