This day unko sheith alinidhulumu

So unco had seperated with his wife but she didn't move too far. When he got tired of chasing after her, he fell for a young woman who resided in the same apartment as us.
She had one kid, a daughter, and she ran a tailoring shop for her income. Tumuite Purple tu.
So purple would come to our house at night.
Remember I was living with my unco then. Unco's house was a one-bedroom... I slept in the bedroom, and unco always slept on the big sofa in the seating room. However he had earlier explained to me his reason for not sleeping in the bedroom where he had his bed. He told me, ati the bed was unclean, before separating with his wife he had learnt that she had been sleeping with other men in his bedroom while he was away.
So unco would call purple after I went to sleep, amkamue sawasawa hapo seating room alaf purple arudi early morning.
The problem was, I had to pass through the seating room whenever I wanted to go out. One night I need to go the toilet. Mkojoo ilikuwa imenikaza saana na loo zilikuwa nje.
Nilipoamka, I just realized unco naye alikuwa anakamua mtu wakatu huo. Immediately they learnt I had woken and they started whispering. I try to rest silently alaf nikaanza kupumua deeply to show them that I was actually asleep.
Walikuwa wanakamuana for two minutes hivi then I interrupt... I was awake, and I had to make those irresistible movements, ju mosquitoes would bite, kitanda pia had a few kungunis... I couldn't resist scrachting. Pia mkojo nayo...
My fidgeting had become a real disturbance to them. At some point I heard the lady say to unco, "si tuende huko kwangu kama kijana halali leo." Apparently, she had already gotten up, ready to take unco to her house akamalizie kunwaga huko. But surprisingly unco pulled her back, switched on the lights in the seating room and pumping continued.
Now this tamed me... I had been trying to build up confidence that I could pass though the seating room out to the toilet, but with the lights on now, I couldn't try it.
I couldn't sleep too and if I did, ningejikojolea... I tried to think of how I could find myself at the toilet nikakosa...I also wanted to relax and pretend that I was asleep. I didn't want to make any movements to distract them.
I thought and thought, but got I could find no way at all. Finally, I decided to turn to the wall, nikakojolea ukuta 2 litre urine...mkojo ukatiririka hadi kwa floor...after that I gave out a very loud fart for unco to remain assured that I was still asleep. Si unajua si unajua si kawaida mtu anyambe so loudly akiwa awake??? Ama hamjui hivyo?


Village Elder
:D:D:D ungegonga tu mlango, give em like 5 mins to cover themselves halafu useme unataka kwenda msalani go and come back then continue with your restless sleep.