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I always have wine in my house. My rule is wine on weekdays, beer on weekends. So yesterday I decided to try a new brand to change from the usual cellar casks, milano, altar wine etc. By the time I was leaving work it was 8 pm and the only places open were supermarkets. I sampled a few wines hapo mostly from South Africa and Italy. The first thing I usually check is the alcohol content; anything below 10% is a no-no.

While sampling I came across this fernet branca. Most wines I have seen range from 12% to 20% alc. vol. however this bitch is packing 40% alc. vol. :eek:That is crazy. The mzinga costs 1,800/= I didn't get it jana because of the cost obviously :D but it is very much in my budget for next week. So which of you Ktalkers has tried this wine and which other wine do you know that has high alcohol content preferably 20% and above and is available locally.



My friend that is not a wine. Even the bottle clearly classifies it as a bitters(and a mild/low alcohol content one).

For wines with 20% alc or thereabouts, try any port wine.
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