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  1. Illuminated

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    A young man, say John visited to bro in town for better convenience as he was looking for a job. Bro was in a barely reliable hustle that could hardly meet his own necessities.
    After several weeks of John being hosted by his elder bro, John fell sick. His condition worsened day after day and all the bro could afford was to buy him some tablets from the chemist. He was unable to take him to hospital.
    Later on the bro decided to take him home where he could at least spread the burden over other family members.
    So on a Saturday which for him was not a working day, the two woke up and walked to the bus station. John was very sick and could not even walk by himself, but his brother supported him.
    They boarded a bus and journey home began. Home was very far and the journey would take at least 6 hours.
    Inside the bus John's condition got worse and sometimes he would fall from his seat. His brother, who sat just next to him had to ensure that he leaned against him or his back against his seat. The other passenger seated on the other side of John, was sympathetic enough, so he didn't mind tolerating with them. He also helped contain John in his position.
    At some point John appeared to settle with his back glued to his seat. Bro and the passenger on the other side helped maintain him at that position and it was now easier for them to support him. He appeared to be getting asleep.
    But eventually the elder one realized that John had not fallen asleep... He had died. Nigga thought for a while, still supporting him against where he was seated. He had nothing left as he had paid all he had for their bus fare.
    They had now reached a big town where he could take John's body to morgue. But who would pay for the charges there? At home everybody was a peasant, and mortuary bills would be too high for them and unexpected even if they were all aware of his death. During this time the idea of preserving dead bodies in morgue was uncommon. In most cases, dead bodies were soaked in sand as burial was organized. This is what happened at John's place.
    The brother decided to pretend that he was not aware that John had died. He was sure that communicating it would compel him to take John's body to morgue, which would cause unnecessary and unbearable expenses to him and his poor family, while all John's body needed was burial.
    For the remaining part of the journey nigga prayed hard hoping that no cops stoped them on their way. This would render him culpable, as he had decided to travel with a dead body. Again this would mean John's body be taken to morgue.
    Fortunately, luck was on his side and they finally reached their last bus terminal.
    In a bombshell nigga pretended to wake John up... Shock registered on his face as he pretended that he had now realized that John was dead...
    But they had now reached home. Guys sympathized and helped him take body home which was not far from there...
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  2. Quanstrom

    Quanstrom Village Elder

    Hii nitasoma ukifikisha minimum weight ya mwanaume i.e 65kg. Meanwhile weka kobole kwa mfuko
  3. jaymoh

    jaymoh Village Elder

    Umetumia neno pray na huws nadhani we ni @Atheismo
  4. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    You reminding me vile nimejaribu kuandika nikashindwa. Imagine I felt my fingers could not constantly support a pen... All the way from the shoulder to the fingers... Feeling so weak. What could be the problem? Hata miguu
  5. Quanstrom

    Quanstrom Village Elder

    Umetembelea kituo cha VCT?
  6. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    It is too early to claim I'm unwell. I'm just feeling weak and healthy
  7. Quanstrom

    Quanstrom Village Elder

    You dont wait. The longer you wait, the harder it is to control if bad luck is on your side. There are serious advantages of knowing your status early.
  8. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    hii story ni ya Upus first unasema John amekufa then JOhn anaomba kama amekufa . pili sioni kitu extraordinary Bro alifanya
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  9. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    And you're not drunk?
  10. Ching Cheng

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    And you're a village elder?!
  11. Afröjvck

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    Nipewe link ya jamàa akisema ako below minimum weight
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  12. paparazzi

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    This happened to a person I know
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  13. kush yule mnono

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    Lakini @uwes unakuanga na umama
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    Hapo nakubaliana na wewe kapsaa
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  15. Illuminated

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