This is a Ministry under President Magufuli


Senior Villager
In 1973, after a nationwide party referendum, the Tanzanian government announced that the capital would be moved from Dar es Salaam to a more central location to create significant social and economic improvements for the central region and to centralise the capital within the country.

Successive Govts including Nyerere's did nothing re moving to the sleepy town with a population of 400k . So on paper Govt of TZ always said the Capital is Dodoma but no one moved there apart from National Parliament and rolling party HQ.

Then came the bulldozer aka Magufuli.

This weekend he ordered a Ministry under his office, Regional Administration & Local Govt to move into their offices (they were given money to put up structures but no one wants to move to Dodoma ) Magufuli had full knowledge of these delay tactics and told them off and said he doesn't care and has no time for games.

Below ladies and gentlemen are the results together with Ministerial Departments....

In TZ,we have no time of politics unlike you guys,Magufuli sio wa mchezo hana ujinga na umang'aa.Iyo wizara ilipewa pesa ya kutosha kujenga majengo na miundombinu yao.Cha kusangaza mpk deadline inafika hawajamaliza majengo yao.So rais kaamulu waamie hvyo hvyo.For sure nakuambia hao jamaa wataamia hvyohvyo under Magufuli.Thats how a leader should deal with laziness.Viva Magufuli.