This is going to be awesome


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That black panther movie, i would buy the tickets today if i could

On another matter i think nameless should have won whatever the kenyan equivalent of a grammy is with this song, in my opinion probably the best kenyan lyrics ever written, the slit in your dress line

Oh oh (6x)
This is for the lovers in the house Ndani ya nyumba Tafuta mpenzi lako Mshike kwa mikono Ha, mwangalie ndani ya macho Hmm, ah, mpeleke kando Namwambie(3x)
Verse 1 Commit a crime and I'll be your defender
Overpower me so that I surrender Hmm, I wish I could be your saliva
So that I could taste your lips whenever
I envy your hipster Vile inakushika kwa mapaaâE¦
Kwa kweli manzi umebarikiwa
Ndio maana tunaimba halleluyah
I wish I could be your shoe
I would have such a beautiful view And if I was the slit on your dress
My goal in life would be to aim for the highest
If only I could be your body lotion
I would walk with undivided devotion
Kila siku nakufikiria
Ndio maana nasinzia
Nasinzia nikikuwaza (oh oh) Nasinzia nikikuwaza (oh oh) Miaka rudi, miaka nenda (oh oh) Nasinzia nikikuwaza (oh oh) Nasinzia nikikuwaza (oh oh) Nasinzia nikikuwaza (oh oh) Kila siku ya calendar (oh oh) Nasinzia nikikuwaza (oh oh)
Verse 2
Chochote utafanya nitafuata Nitachora nane, ukichora saba
And I promise I will never be a player You are my red card, no longer middlefielder
Be my wife and I'll be your Bogi Benda
And let no man try to lay asunder Nawakijaribu kutu-lay us asunder Mungu mmoja nitawapiga ngeta Anakama ungekuwa ngoma Ningependa kukuwa amplifier
I will amplify and equalizer
Mpaka hata matuta zitachina
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3 2x
This comes from the deepest part of my heart (the deepest part of my heart) This comes from the empty hole in my soul (the empty hole in my soul) This comes from the highest point of my spirit (spirit) If you know what I am saying Then you will feel it (feel it) Repeat Chorus 2x