This is Gold----> Spotted in a lodging (Uweschokosh + Wakanyahomo)

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Village Elder
The two chokoraz were spotted in an unknown lodgo after a drinking is not known what was happening here bt witnesses who took the pictures heard two men moaning in a room. The guest hse / lodging supervisor thot at first that ni kitu kama murder...he and lodging receptionist knocked severally on the door room 706 bt their knocks were not heard. They then decided to break in the door together with seurity afisas and this is what they saw...waaaaah. The two were both arrested and taken into questioning by the new acting Deputy IG Jirani(who is expected to take over Kaindi as DIG)..reporters say they had four loud slaps from the interrogation room and suspect that two sweeeps were also delivered...

We are not sure who is who in the particular picture bt sources tell us Wakahamo is the nigg in black traos and nigga wekaring bend over is Uweschoksh...sadness of life.

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