This is Guka - This Kenya Will Kill Me One Day, I Swear!

FieldMarshal CouchP

The Oracle of Ndeiya
A thief broke into a church in Nyandarua, and when he didn't find money, left them a note.

During the Sunday night incident at the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) Church in Engineer Township, the criminal wrote a letter addressed to the church regretting that he had found no money despite having been informed by a worshiper that some good amount of money had been left there.

“I was sent here by one of your fellow Christians who told me that the amount of money has been kept inside the church. But I got nothing. God bless you all and pray for me. Thanks,” read the letter.

He then signed out as “the person who broke the church”.


Village Sponsor
the time when gods used to reside in buildings is long gone, churches are not sacred. Its just a building
the church will regret indulging in corrupition ............right now , i don't mind if people started stealing from churches and robbing from or abducting priests for ransoms........ katambe !