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First, I must admit that i was thoroughly annoyed when klist went down; of course, I am convinced that it wasn’t the intention of the owners to close the site. After all, klist was as capitalistic as General Motors. Whatever it is that happened, klist will never be the same again even if they revive it.

What happened to all those klisters? They moved on? To where?

Second, i must say that one of the major problems that plagued klist was the massive kikuyunisation of the forum. Many Jubilee hardliners used to spew out very vitriolic anti-Raila rhetoric, and whenever nationalists like myself protested, our posts were be removed. I did say many times that I am no Raila or Uhuru supporter but I believe in constructive discourses that are devoid of personal attacks and tribal venom.

The problem with the Kikuyu Nation is their loony belief that the president should only come from Central Kenya. Further, ever since Kibaki became the president, the kikuyus- both the ruling elite and the peasants- have acted with uncalled for arrogance and misplaced pride. What people don’t realise is that their lot will not improve simply because the president hails from their tribe. The red eyed peasant in Gatundu is still wallowing in Chang’aa dens and the Nyeri wussy is still being clobbered proper by his wife. And life goes on . Let 2015 be a year of great ideas not tribal muck.

I have also formed an exploratory committee with a view of running for the presidency come 2017. If all goes as planned, ciku- my ex- will be my running mate.

Anyway, a prosperous 2015 to everyone!
Karibu sana @karl marx

But allow me to correct something, the kikuyus know that their lives will not improve simply because the president hails from central. ....but they do know this, if Raila became president, then their lives will surely deteriorate, and that my friend is why Raila will never be president of this sovereign nation!
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