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38 m to tell NYS to clean Kibera isokay hii ni kenya kila mtu na their turn to eat the national cake


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Wacha waiguru afanye kazi yake, kwanza amesaidia watu wa kibera sana, raila alikuwa mp huko miaka mob yeye kazi yake ni kuongea na vitendawili tu


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NYS is some scary form of militaristic political outfit that can be put into use against a population. Its similar to Brownshirts in all its charasteristics, and it operates under the guise of cleaning up or building something. Why cant that money have professionals and machinery making proper drainage rather than have young militarized people go abt shovelling shit everywhere as if that is a solution.

There was this suggestion of passing every poor bright kenyan boy or girl who qualifies for government university scholarship through militarised training at NYS so that they can be of service to the children of the rich people whose children go through high quality classical education that generally trains people to be independent and masters of others if need be. I dont know whether the plan is still in the works. This kind of a system turns out bright but socially robotic professionals who can be appropriated in any way like nazi scientists, who were militarized professionals(chemists, engineers, doctors, researchers of all sorts, and who belonged to schutzstaffel). Military people are very easy to control and get all kinds of dirty work done.

The elite always has higher order ideas that the majority in the population can never grasp and can therefore never question. Why is there so much emphasis in marketing this NYS through the media withoout really pointing out any benefit that it might have to the populace. The adverts seem like war posters.

And who has observed that the NYS people are very rude and have a military approach to the public? They do not know negotiating and will threaten violence unpredictably. Even police are better. Ever dealt with a boss or a teacher who is has some NYS training?

Or is it our time to go through what other societies such as europeans and easterners such as chinese and japanese have gone through?
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