This Plagiarism is getting out of hand...

denis young

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I believe hii hekaya niliisoma huku Ktalk. Who stole from who.
Admean, people are stealing content from this forum as you watch...block copy pasting on your site.


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Steve Muriuki gets his jokes from everywhere on social media, he's funny though, I follow his page for a good laugh.
I dont know who steve is. But if he or anybody was to steal from here on post on their page without giving credit to the source we should call them out.

The other day some fucket stole on of @Kush's hekayas and changed the name of the antagonist and put it on his page like it was his own story. I wanted to shame him but he had disabled comments on that post.


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This story has been around for quite a while and I don't think it originated from here. Ata yule aliiweka hapa alikuwa ameiiba mahali
Niliwaambia hawakuskia
I saw the story and the likes and I was like, seriously? These guys have never heard this story? It is the most common high school escapade retold by every high schooler to unknowing primary schoolers
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