Thoughts on the SCOK ruling by DBK

Hunter Xp

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Why Supreme Court Invalidated Presidential Elections

NASA case was very simple: That the electoral process was flawed from the Ballot Papers used, Filling Forms 34A and 34B, Transmission and how Wanyonyi Chebukati announced the results.

Jubilee and IEBC proceeded to respond to a Petition that NASA didn't file. They then relied on "Observer Groups" Reports in support.

The lawyers for Jubilee and IEBC completely misunderstood, misapprehended and misanswered NASA Petition. They also lacked in humility and talked down the Judges and the other lawyers.

NASA case and supported by the Audit Report wasn't countermanded or controverted at all. Supreme Court was left with no choice but allow it.

IEBC and Jubilee shouldn't pay its lawyers.

~Donald Bii Kipkori


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Everyone has a right to an opinion. NASA claimed hacking, stealing, servers ...bla bla bla... Court says: Apan tambua but iebc mtajua hamjui.