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  1. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

  2. Alchemist

    Alchemist Village Elder

    Ngoja uundiwe thread yako in 5, 4, 3...
  3. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

    Hatutaki mod malaya............osha nyap urudishe soko, kaino type
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  4. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    Utatoa oldmonchie uvajo free ??
  5. Chifu

    Chifu Village Elder

    I think it would be imperative to 'skip' her threads like I have always done for mosa. Kwa kina @admin kunanuka kitunguu akipost.
  6. LeoK

    LeoK Village Elder

    Hapo kwa kuchoshwa na yule nanii umedinywa point. Hapo kwa mod kuna vile wakati uliwekwa assistant was ES pinned thread fulani ya erekshen alafu IEBC , SOCK et al walituenjoi. Inafaa uwe exile mpaka 8089 hivi.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2017
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  7. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    Typical woman... Why not @INSERTER or @kihii kianagu? Wamama na wivu
  8. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    Hit the ignore button. As they say ignorance is bliss.
  9. upepo

    upepo Village Elder

    Mimi naomba Luoamerican arudi.His position has been taken by this woman.
  10. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    Niaje FP.
  11. MegaKing

    MegaKing Village Elder

    Makena anachocha!
    Bitch apigwe exile
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    MISCHIEF Village Elder

    Fp for adminiress
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  13. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    I only glance at her threads, see the content and general drift and move away, no comment, nothing. Za Mosa huwa ata sifungui.
  14. kush yule mnono

    kush yule mnono Village Sponsor

    Hehe .... @Samosa ni muyamaa wa nguvu donge
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  15. nairobilay

    nairobilay Village Elder

    Mosa is still on this forum? Ever since i banished him to the ignore zone with the ignore button, scrolling through threads is bliss.
    I would send Miss Soliloquy 2017 there too but i enjoy seeing elders derail her threads.
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  16. Gendarme

    Gendarme Village Elder

    Its not easy to ignore maHappy coz occasionally she puts a sensible thread.

    So, ukiona amepost, don't rush to open it. Wait for like an hour, depending on how many replies you may open or skip.

    Moss and stupid kihii wao ni ignore express.

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  17. Mosa

    Mosa Senior Villager

    No wewe kama huna bundles wacha wenye wako nazo wapige story zao.
  18. kasaman

    kasaman Village Elder

    Though it was threshold issues !
    Let her through those bare thende in this village atachoka tuu !
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  19. sodamadiaba

    sodamadiaba Village Elder

    huyo ni kama hurricane Irma ilimbeba.
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  20. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Hahaha...I dosed off! Hope it never materialised
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