Three Stations.

Gone are the days when you'd just pop into a kinyozi, get a hair cut and just walk out.
Siku izi manze they have like three whole stations.
Station 1: The cut. Easy one, get shaved. (that's all I came for but, wait for it...)
Station 2: Chemicals and things. They apply things on you, wash them off, apply again and wash them off alafu wanakupiga your entire head and face with a very hot towel! Whueh!
Station 3: Wrestling and test of masculinity. My people I got wrestled. She punched me, wiggled my already tired head and slapped my neck! Jesus! All I asked for is a shave. How's this related to hair? Anyways on to this kathing they use on your head lazima it's made in hell!! ... Kachuma wanatumia ati massage, my man this is the ultimate test of masculinity. Thing will give you feelings zingine tusiseme leo. Brother uneza jikojelea kimcheso mcheso tu. Sipendi mambo ya kenyewe mimi. Lakini ukiangalia mrembo anakuhudumia unavumilia tu usijiabishe, kesi badae. It's almost always some very fine ghel. Tricks tu.
Bottom line,these barbers kama wewe ni mpenda amani, don't bring your woman along, I repeat don't! Mtaingia wawili mtoke mmoja mmoja. Ni moto tupu ile.