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Time is up... New Luo Kingpin to take over after coronation


Village Elder
Well, that is a lacuna that needs to be sealed as soon as possible. Do these katiba makers do this things deliberately, after lobbying by politicians, or is it just incompetence. Committee of quacks. How can we also have a person who has been impeached even DARE to declare his candidature for a gubernatorial seat. Yaani ata aibu hakuna.


Village Elder
Nawaambiaga kila siku hii Kenya need corrupt minds to succeed. Wewe ukiingia siasa kusaidia mkenya my fren you won't make it. Be corrupt and you win. I wonder how omabei elites are reasoning. Selecting a confused and corrupt mofo as the next gabana. Noma saana. Anyway mimi niliwacha siaisa

Cheza juu

Village Elder
Mumias haiko homabay boss, hii ndio ubaya ya kuzaliwa murarandia na kusomea murarandia DEB mpaka politeknik

Stop reasoning like loud mouthed sifuna.A Luo king needs to inherit Raila support base to keep the dream alive,so far the wangas around mumias feel duped,kidero is not anywhere close to what people there can listen to,I guess majority of other areas in western the script is the same,kisii Nyanza the same.

That kind of reasoning inaenda kuwaosha muosho moja Safi Sana matungu.