Tips on how to Google like a pro..

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Google has turned out to be a great teacher indeed,anyone can google any information en later use it like an expert in that particular field.
But very few ppl knw how to google.Google will only give u a vague explanation of wht ur looking for unless u specify ua search with specific words...
Eg.if u want to "hack" into ua neighbours WiFi en u go ahead en type; HOW TO HACK WIFI.
u will get a million results with very many fake apps that will never do the if ur not very much equipped with networking knowhow,first learn how ISP communicates with network devices.
U will come across stuffs like IP address , internet packets,UDP,TCP.ICMP,internet tunneling.
Then u can google like a pro eg;
Am not going to do it for u @Engineer told u (in a previous listing) its a long tendious endeavour en can take up to even 8hrs to get tht pswd...Read en equip uaself with all those necessary softwares.Good luck
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