Tired of Puny

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Lately, I have found myself losing interest in puny. The sense of reward after a thrilling chase is no longer there. Or perhaps it is the sense of entitlement that has over time been adopted by our female kind that is putting me off; I mean they have become bolder in setting a value to exploring that space bounded by pink muscle...
Or perhaps it is that dryness that girls all girls seem to have nowadays - i mean they no longer come wet like they used to, making sliding in and out such a heavenly outing.....-ok, one confided that she ceased wetting up after her previous boy called her maji maji - shit.


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Wanawake ni upus. I spend hours earning money. Then go to a woman full of herself nijiweke down nikimkimbiza, spend mathao mob on her, anipee dry or smelly pu**y reluctantly as if mi pekee ndiye tu nahitaji. Alafu nianze kufikiria ata kawasaki ni better. Heck no....A woman must show as much will as I do and I aint running after pu**y. If i have to run after one I would rather catch some beers alafu baadaye niget some nice ho for much less na nirudi kwa shughuli zangu without emotional bullshit.
jaribu ile stingo (eeeh, stingo, now that you are talkin' 'bout puny) ya kulamba kinembe na mara 'iyo 'iyo unampiga mafinga... TSUNAMIIIIII!
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