to all mgtow lieutenants


Senior Villager
Oh no! Here we go again, an African imitating trends and ideas he happens across on the internet. MTGOW, incel, red pill, blah blah...
mgtow doesn't mean you avoid women until ur balls leak. there is this senior captain we reside same neighborhood. every time tukimeet Kwa mtaa nikishughlikia kunguru he looks disgusted the ninja av never noticed him talk to a woman let alone a botch. in short let's eat poosie but never commit
hahaha ati balls zi leak? :D:D:D:D:D:D Hio naye apana. To each his own but for me I kula things and I must say poonani seems easier to get when chics know you don't do relationships/commitments/marriage. I think they see you as a challenge, i'm not sure. It's almost as if these women want to change you from your bachelor ways. Nikikula vitu then after a while they realize they can't get me to commit & they aren't getting into my wallet wanaanza ma-attitudes ndogo ndogo. One recently blocked me on fcbk ati coz I kulad thangz na I refused to send her $$$ for her rent after she begged for it :D:D:D:D:D nikama tulikua tumesign "rent-poonani-memorandum"