To the ones in the narrow path
1. They hate us now
2. That's why you are silent at your job or school ,umeona kitu mtu amefanya, vitu watu wanaongelea and you want to talk, but you know the spirit of the world is in the job, and the moment you say something, you know there will be persecution, mostly in the form of gossip. So unaamua kunyamaza
3. Usijali, they are lost! they are of the world, therefore when they speak, their own hears them.
4. Kwanini wasikuskize? because when you stand up, you don't talk about Cardi B's relationship ama chenye Shakilla amefanya this time because unajua hio ni upuzi. Thats of the world.
5. They are carnal minded, filled with social media, and keeping up with the kardashians because they are full of the world.
the world hates us! because we are not of it.
6. Jesus said if the world hates you, remember that it hated him first. John 15:18
7. The righteous despise the unjust; the wicked despise the godly. proverbs 29:27

Now go ahead, persecute me venye mmezoea
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Can you choose if you want to be victims or the lucky chosen of god. The two contradict each other or let me put it another way - does god allow his chosen to be persecuted?