TOA!!! TOA!!!! NI KUBWA!!!!! Part 2


I looked Aisha dead ni her eyes " unataka nitoe babe". She looked back at me with puppy dog eyes " apana usitoe , but tuende pole pole tu". This girl was tight am telling you her vagina felt like I had put my d*ck in a gorillas fist. To give you an idea how tight she was nikitoa mjulus her outer lips would be pulled like a rubber band and once I was out, it would snap back to original position in a loud sound patha!

7 minutes into doggystyle and I had my first shot, we fell back into the bed her hands cuddling and pressing her body against mine, usually when I cum, I loose all interest, I return back to a pure religous monk state, where I reject all worldly pleasures but Aisha was not letting me go easy.

"ROUND 2" she whispered in my ears while slowly stroking my d*ck with her hand.

All over sudden kevo bust into the bedroom ameshika Trisha " weeeeh forestmonkey tuachie room". So am looking at my ex trisha is starring at me naked with a big booty somali girl. Now Trisha akilewa she doesnt give a f**k ataongea matope tu.

Trisha: Naona sikuizi ni ma warriah tu!

FORESTMONKEY: Trisha wacha nimaliza tuwaachie room

Trisha : nyinyi fanya mambo yenu sisi tufanye yetu.

No point in arguing with her, furthermore sisi sote tumelewa chakari. Trisha ni huyo nikupiga kevo ma bj mimi niko pale na kula Aisha missionary. The breasts of Aisha nizile average size D cup, I was slowly sucking them when dem akapata orgasm nyingine noma ushaikua electrocuted na socket vyenye mtu hufanya that's how she behaved. Kevo laughing " kwani anadedi", I look over Trisha ako doggy style anakamuliwa vi proper na kevo. Trisha pia ni slay queen typical lighskin,skinny,tall na kisungu mob. second shot in and I was done.

So now am watching my ex getting fucked in front of me but siku catch feelings, Trisha is naturally a generous woman and she's my sex. Nikiwa pale ma story na Aisha I had a my d*ck grabbed and a mouth went over it Trisha aliamua hataki mcheso huku ananipatia BJ kule anakula stick ya kevo. After 10 min kevo alimaliza and tried to jump on Aisha he had been salivating on that big booty for a long time. Aisha was shy na akakataa. well I did not mind taking a turn on Trisha, she smiled on me while I was caressing her back. she had a tattoo on her lower back reading "YOLO"(you only live once), this really motivated me to get horny.

Trisha was on all fours looking at me,while I put my mjuols in her punde si punde nikasikia.

TOA!!! TOA!!!! NI KUBWA!!!!!

All four of us returned to the party uko sitting room like nothing happened. Next day on 14th February Aisha updated her WhatsApp status with a picture of her current boyfriend holding flowers and chocolates for her "Aki babe I looooove you". Aisha put up a post on IG, she was in the mall with her upcoming husband eating what seemed to look like pizza and soft drinks. Her post read " I thank Allah for creating you".Meanwhile I was at my place bored watching football matches a typical lonely Sunday.